17 Sep 2013

My new boys!

For ages, I have wanted a pet.  Living in a flat we are a bit limited as I work full time and live on the second floor.  For my birthday this year, my lovely Al has bought me my beautiful little rats!  So here you go, meet Frankie, Joey and Sammy.

K and I love them already and we are learning all about them.  They are so cute and lovely!  I will post more pics and news of them in due course.

7 Aug 2013

8 months - Really!

My oh my, how time flies.

I have been so busy, I have passed 7 exams for my AAT, made a couple of quilts, had fun at Guides and generally had a good time!

We go on holiday on Sunday, back to Cornwall a place we love. It will be very weird though, for the first time in 6 years Al, K and I are going away on our own.  Usually we go with Em and her family and Mum and Dad.  We will miss the others, especially at night when we all chill round the fire but it will be wonderful just the same.

I have been debating in my head what to write here today, so I thought I would regale you with a tale which is typical me, any of you who know me, know that I can be a bit, well clumsy....

So there we are, at the local tip getting rid of some junk from the shed.  I just went and chucked some metal in the large skip and I am walking back to the car, Al is over putting other stuff in the skips when I slip and fall onto my knee.  I look round for the offending banana skin, patch of oil, slippery substance that has obviously been left there by some uncaring person and what do I see?  A leaf!  A flipping leaf!  How stupid did I feel?  To top it all, I have a graze on my knee that my six year old would be proud of, and it really hurt too.  I will say I was a big brave girl and I didn't cry.  Alan however, thought it was the funniest thing ever and is still probably giggling now.  Poor me.....

Anyway, if you are going away.  Enjoy!!!

29 Jan 2013


Has it really been that long since I wrote anything on here!  Oh my!

Time flies when you are busy, I am having such a lovely time at the moment that I clean forgot to blog!  I really should get back to being on here more regularly so here goes.

Christmas this year was lovely.  For the first time I cooked Christmas Dinner at my home, Mum and Dad came over so it was a first for them too.  It was a great success!  Luckily due to his work schedule, Al was able to come down early and be here all Christmas Eve as well.  I could not have cooked dinner without him as I was starting to get a bit het up and he calmed me down.

The big thing happening in our household at the moment is K choosing her options.  I never thought how anxious and worrying as a parent this would be!  She has her heart set on being a History Teacher, so History is a given, but does she take Sociology or Geography, or should she continue with German so she has a second language under her belt?  Maybe ICT as we live in a digitalage.  Poor girl, she is so torn as she is very academic, reaching level 7 in most subjects but she loves Art, Music and Performing Arts too.  There is an Options Evening at School next week, so hopefully talking to her teachers will help her.  Decisions decisions....

4 Dec 2012

New Guiding Challenges

Em and I are very very chuffed at the moment, we have been appointed as Guiding District Commissioners for our local area.  We have ummmed and ahhhd about putting our names forward but we have bitten the bullet and done it.  The County and Division Commissioners are in full support so it is all settled!

We are really looking forward to and relishing the challenges ahead. Our District has been without a Commissioner for two years now so we face an uphill struggle as it has become very fractured.  Our first task will be to organise a Thinking Day Service next February, so if you have any suggestions let us know!  In the mean time, for those who are Guiders or any sort of volunteer, I know you will relate to this....

I went along to Brownies just to help them out one day,
I must have done a decent job as I was asked to stay,
I really didn't have the time to do the job just right,
But the Guiders all assured me that it only took one night.

Chorus: That's the reason I'm a Guider (3 times)
'cos the Guiders all assured me that it only took one night!

The District meeting came along and I was asked to go,
It's sad to say the treasurer was ill and didn't show,
So I was asked to take the job and I replied I might,
As the others all assured me it would only take one night.

One day the new Commissioner was putting up a tent,
She said with great relief to me "My Dear, you're heaven sent,
I need a Camp Adviser and I know your time is right,
And I really do assure you that it only takes one night".

The staff at County came to ask if I would give a hand,
To help them at the AGM and organise the band.
I said I really couldn't and I put up quite a fight,
But then they went and told me that it only took one night.

I've spent so long in uniform my blood is navy blue,
My friends and family think I'm mad, and maybe so do you!
It keeps me out of mischief - I'd complain with all my might
If my many jobs in Guiding really only took one night!

13 Nov 2012


For one reason and  another neither Em or I could take our Guides to the Remembrance Service this year, so we did our own small Act of Remembrance at Guides.  Last week we sent home a sheet with 7 circles on it and asked the Guides to attach a coin of any denomination to each circle when the did a good turn and we would donate the money to the Poppy Appeal.  We collected them in last night and we have raised over £40.00. As we meet in an old Methodist Sunday School, there are two memorials on the walls to men who lost their lives in the two world wars, so last night after a short talk about the poppy, how and why it is made and what it means, we sang the National Anthem and Taps and then the Guides wrote short messages of thanks and respect on their poppies and stuck them to paper underneath the memorials.

Em and I are very proud of our Guides today.